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A total capacity of up to 15 people, composed of three units:

Gte des Colombes
Gte des Canards
Gte des Canetons

... Rates

The price of the stay depends on the accommodation, the number of people, the period and duration, 10% VAT included:

Gte des Colombes, max. 9 people, 250/night.

Gte des Canards, max. 4 people, 150/night.

Gte des Canetons, max. 2 people, 50/night, in extension of the Gte des Canards.

From 1/1/2024, the touristtax of 2.88% (capped at 1.01) per night and per person (over 16 years old) will be added.

Before the start of the rental, a guarantee must be paid by check or cash:

Gte des Colombes:  200, Gte Ducks: 150, Gte des Canetons: 50.

Within fourteen days following the stay, the guarantee will be transferred after deduction of any defect and/or damage and if no unfair review is given.

... Equipment of the Gtes

The gte des Colombes and the gte des Canards are equipped with kitchen, electric coffeemachine, refrigerator, microwave oven, hot air oven and gasplates.

Reasonable consumption of gas, electricity and water are included in the rent. Kitchen towels are not provided.

The equipment and products for the daily maintenance of the gte are provided generously.

The linen (sheets and pillowcases, bath and kitchen towels) is not included and you can bring your own. Sleeping bags are not allowed.

... Options

The options below are available for an additional fee:

- Bed linen.

- Bath towels, one large, one medium, one small and two gloves.

- A pool towel.

- Before leaving you can do the final cleaning or use our services.

For children up to the age of 3, baby beds (3), including linen, are available at 5 per child per night.

Meals are on request and paid on site.

Between 8:30 am and 10:00 am The extended morning buffet is offered as an option for the guesthouses.

Participation in the evening table d'htes is also possible but must be confirmed before 11 a.m. Meet at the table at 7:30 p.m. with the guests and us. The price depends on the composition of the menu (simple or gourmet) and drinks.

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