Evening …

Every day a different menu, responding to the wishes of the guests, the offer of the region and the season. The food fits within the total happening with a original table .

Every day, the tablecloths, plates and glasses, the decoration material, the fresh flowers and herbs are selected and artfully put together. With the roses menu the house gets all the glory and reaches the top of gourmet.

In order to achieve a harmony of flavors, Martine selects a matching wine for any dish or even goes cooking in function of the wine. Each winemaker is personally visited and extensively tasted. The ingredients are also acquired with the same approach. After all, only good things can be used to make something good. The 'slow food' and 'food sharing' methods are applied in Rosiès. Good food simply needs time to be nice.

With a good organization and preparation, the hostess can join the dinner with you and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Very limited use of cream and butter keeps the food digestible . Good food and good sleep, the basic ingredients for a successful holiday. Special requirements associated with allergies, diabetes or gluten-free diet ... can be met without problem !

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