Table art and the fine kitchen of Martine …

With her rich experience as a culinary teacher and wine knowledge, Martine is there every day. A guesttable with a simple meal or a gastronomic five-course menu, responding to the wishes of the guests, the offer of the region and the season. In Rosiès, 'slow food' and 'foodsharing' find their application.

The food is part of the total event with an originally set table. Every day the table linen, plates and glasses, the decoration material, the fresh flowers and garden herbs are chosen and artfully arranged. With the rose menu the house gets all the honor and the culinary top is reached.

To achieve a harmony of flavors, Martine chooses a matching wine for each dish or even cooks for the wine. Every wine producer has been personally visited and tasted extensively. The ingredients are also acquired with the same approach. After all, something bad cannot be made good. With good organization and preparation, the hostess and host can also join in the dining and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

A very limited use of cream and butter keeps the dishes easily digestible. Good food and good sleep, the basic ingredients for a successful holiday.

Special requirements related to allergies, diabetes or gluten-free diet ... are met without a problem here!

Martine prepares Cassoullet with Ricardo from the Canadian television (may 2009)